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H E N R I K   D E L E H A G - Swedish artist living in London, born 1973. He is best known for his idiosyncratic depictions of the human figure, and his drawings can be found in some of the largest private collections around the world. Drawing from the rich tradition of iconography, as well as facilitating his expertise in typography and architecture, Henrik Delehag’s aim is to create icons that both reflect upon, and informs the modern world. His work explores the most brutal of relationships; that between black and white – and how these polar opposites can cooexist in chaos as well as in harmony. As well as his drawings, Henrik Delehag has produced a series of a Thousand Gods, aiming to reintroduce a healthy dose of superstition into our complex lives. Henrik Delehag was born in Stockholm, and spent formative years in New Zeeland as a teenager where he learnt the ancient crafts of the Maoris. He received his formal education at Berghs in Stockholm. Since the year 2000 he resides in London, with his wife and four children. As well as his personal art practice, he is one half of the artist duo Benrik, together with Ben Carey, whose vision is to remodel the current world into something more to their liking, idea by idea.