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Clear selection All frames are made of wood and can be hanged vertically or horizontally

What kind of quality do your frames have?  – All frames are made in Sweden from FSC-certified pine and come in black, white and oak. The oak frames have a core made of pine (impossible to detect to the eye), and has the advantage of less noble wood being used and keeps the weight down which is good for transports. The profile is elegant and has the same dimension regardless of the color or size of the frame. Compared to the many chinese manufactured frames on the market our frames are of a very high quality and the manufacturing process is usually better in terms of environmental and fairness aspects. We use acrylic glass to keep the weight down and because glass easily breaks when transported.

How do i mount posters in your frames?  – It is easily done, bend up all small metallic pikes, use a knife if you find it hard to do with your fingers. Remove the stiff backboard of the frame, remove the acrylic glass and carefully remove the protective film on both sides of the glass. Put back the glass and thereafter a picture mat if you wish to have one, then the poster and finally the stiff backboard. Push back all the small metallic pikes as tightly as possible to make the poster stay flat against the frame and the glass.

Can i use the frames both vertically and horizontally?  – Sure you can, all frames are possible to hang in either way. So you never have to think twice whether the poster will fit a vertical or horizontal frame, any frame in the right size will fit a poster of the same size. Each frame has two brackets mounted on the backside which makes it possible to choose landscape or portrait format. You only have to bend the bracket out a little bit to make it easy to actually hang it on a hook or nail. Use a knife and it will be easier. The brackets are designed to make it possible to push the frame a bit to the right or left once it´s on the wall to make it hang straight.