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Poppy Posters Picture Mat 100x140, Poster


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Poppy Posters Passepartout for posters that are 100x140 cm. 
This product is a special order that may take a few extra days to arrive.
The opening of our 100x140 passepartout is exactly 83.6x123.6 cm
(thus the distance from the outer edge to the opening is 82 mm).
But if you intend to have it for one of our posters in the same format,
it's nothing you need to think about. Our mounts are perfectly adapted
to all our posters that have a white surface around the motif.
We only have a few posters in this huge format, but for them
this passepartout fits perfectly. The passepartout will not cover
too much of the motif itself, only a couple of millimeters.
There are a few exceptions where we think you should leave out passepartout,
for example for posters with protruding motifs (the image goes all the
way to the edges) and for some individual posters that have a different
image surface. It is clearly stated on the relevant posters.
Our mats are acid-free, even the core. In addition, they are
archive-resistant, museum-quality and easy to assemble.